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Transportation of classic cars

Transport of classic cars, old and of collection. We understand the value not only economic but sentimental that you deposit in your car, that’s why we make the transport with the utmost care and care.

How do we carry classic car transport?

  • Security

During the collection, the transfer and delivery we protect the car with comprehensive security measures to keep it in perfect condition. In addition, insurance supports any defect or incident that may be caused.

  • Quality, fast and efficient transport.

The transfer takes place door to door with the guarantee that you receive it as you left it. To do this, we complete an initial part where the status of the car is indicated and, upon arriving at destination, the driver next to the person who receives it revises the vehicle again to corroborate that both the interior and exterior is intact.

  • Documentation in order

It leaves in the hands of professionals the legal procedures and the necessary documentation.

  • Own fleet of vehicles

We do not use intermediaries, so you have the confidence to know who will carry out the complete transfer.

Who can request this service?

  •  Particular engine lovers who own classic cars that require special and exclusive treatment.
  • Fans who wish to attend sports celebrations or amateur encounters, for example.
  • Car rental companies for events such as weddings, romantic dinners, anniversaries, etc.

What if my classic car does not start or move?

Before making the transfer it is important to know if the car moves by itself or has difficulties to start. Thus, we establish the necessary means for its transportation and we elaborate a customized budget. What are you waiting to apply for yours?