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Transportation of cars

The transport of cars from Spain to another point in Europe and vice versa is one of the services we have offered for more than 10 years.

What are the advantages of hiring TransThalia cars?

  • Integral service

Just worry about calling us and hiring the service, we take care of the rest. From the reception and delivery of the vehicle to the procedures and the relevant documentation to make the transfer.

  • Security

The cars move from one place to another putting into practice the security measures and protocols marked by the company. This ensures that no interior or interior damage will occur during the entire process. In addition, if it were not enough, our insurance would respond in case of unforeseen events.

  • Guarantee

During the collection the car to be transported is checked and a part that reflects its condition is filled. It will be at the time of delivery when the vehicle is inspected again by the carrier and who receives it to verify that everything is in order.

  • Deadlines

We respect and comply with agreed schedules and dates. Moreover, to ensure that the reception is effective, 24 hours before we make a phone call the exact time of arrival.

  • Technology

Our fleet of vehicles has GPS devices to know at all times where your car is.

  • Agile

The shipment takes place in a week or less (depending on the delivery point) thanks to our own fleet of trucks.

  • National or international routes

By road weekly. The most common are Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and Spain.

  • Experience

Since 2003 we have got everything going on wheels.

  • Cost effective for your pocket

Customized and custom budget.

  • Efficient service

Quality and speed define the company’s car transport.

  • Customer Support

We differentiate the personalized and close treatment, for both companies and individuals.