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International transport of vehicles

The international transport of vehicles is one of the services in which we are specialists since 2003, year in which we started our journey. Find out how we can help you below:

In what countries do we work?

Taking advantage of the fact that the logistics base is located in the center of the Peninsula, we carry out weekly routes to countries such as Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, all as a point of collection or delivery. If the destination you are looking for is not in the list, contact us and we will treat your case in a personalized way.

How can I apply?

Follow these steps, it is very easy: 

  • Choose a point on the map of Europe where you would like to move your vehicle and indicate where.
  • Call us at 967 542 445 to tell us your preferences.
  • Ready! In the maximum term of one week you have it and without worrying about paperwork, we take care of everything.

Who is this service useful for?

For companies or freelancers who organize sporting events, competitions, fairs, car shows or fleet relocation, for example.

For individuals residing in Spain or want to move using a means of transport other than the car, but do not want to give up having it near them.

For those who, in general, want to make a car transfer, but want to save time and money on a trip that can be economically expensive (tolls, taxes, bureaucratic procedures …) and require extra time that is not possessed to carry it cape.
It is safe?

¿Es seguro?

100%. For more than 10 years we have used the appropriate security measures so that the cars we carry are not damaged. Even so, the service includes insurance that covers possible mishaps that may arise.

In addition, a portion of the initial and final state of the vehicle is signed by the carrier and the receiver to corroborate that everything is in the same state in which it was left.

Why trust Transthalia?

We meet deadlines as we set the date and time of delivery and the carrier will call one day before the agreed day to specify the time. In addition, the customer service is personalized and close.

What are you waiting for to request a personalized quote? In the international transport of cars by road to major European cities quality is guaranteed.