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Our international vehicle transportation work

At Transthalia we have specialized in the international transport of imported vehicles, both new and used as well as classic cars and all types of motorcycles.

We offer an integral service of international transport of vehicles with the maximum guarantees of security and fulfillment of deadlines, taking care of all the necessary steps from the moment of the collection of the vehicle until its delivery in the place that determines the client.

We have our own fleet of car lorries to carry out our international car and motorcycle transport services, allowing us to go anywhere in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France to pick up the customer’s vehicle and take them home to Spain in the Deadline agreed and in perfect condition.

We work by offering a service of the highest quality, through a personalized attention to the customer and use of the technical and logistic means that guarantee the international transportation of vehicles with total safety and speed.

Also, we have merchandise insurance that covers any possible damage that may arise during the transport of cars from Germany, France, Belgium or Holland to Spain. Despite the crisis, we continue to work, as shown in the following examples of our international vehicle transportation services.