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Transport of vehicles TransThalia


TransThalia, a road transport company

TransThalia was founded in 2003 as a national and international transport company for road vehicles, due to the growing demand for transportation in the automotive sector.

From our beginnings we have been offering a service of maximum quality, safety and efficiency in the transfer of vehicles for both professionals and individuals, covering the demand of routes that clients require for the international transport of vehicles by road.

Due to the excellent geographical location of our logistics bases in the center of the Peninsula, our company guarantees an optimal service of transport of vehicles by road to any part of Spain.

The professionals of our transport company offer you a comprehensive service that covers from the reception of the vehicle, the processing of the necessary documentation for the transfer and transport in our fleet of trucks under strict security measures. All this, with a personalized attention by our staff and the guarantee that you will receive your vehicle at the destination in perfect conditions and within the agreed deadlines.

We offer an integral service

We specialize in the international road transport of imported vehicles from Germany, Belgium and Holland, for which we offer weekly routes with our complete and equipped fleet of car lorries.

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Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Close and personalized treatment

The quality policy of our transport company is the continuous improvement and the maximum degree of customer satisfaction. Not only do we innovate betting on the latest technological advances that guarantee the service of transport of vehicles by road safer and more efficient, but also we offer a close and personalized treatment to our clients.

We take advantage of the advantages of owning a fleet of own vehicle carriers, eliminating possible intermediaries or subcontractors, making the service of transport of vehicles by road more agile, safe and profitable for the user.

If you are particular we also offer you the cheapest price in transport of vehicles by road, contact us.